Welcome to Our Madness

Welcome to Our Madness

Principal & Creative Director Deniece Duscheone

Allow us to introduce Deniece Duscheone Interiors as a pioneering and innovative interior design firm that is known for pushing the boundaries of design by creating customized and soulful experiences in every one of our projects. The thoughtful and detail-oriented ideals we value are also apparent in our clients' homes. In order to properly convey our company beliefs, we have crafted a talented and fabulously fun team of designers, curators, and media professionals. Our team is dedicated to traveling in order to engage with a wide variety of local artisans and makers, whom we consider to be our extended family. This collaborative community allows us to elevate our design by utilizing various perspectives, ideas, and conversations.

We recently started our sister company, Sirens Roost, in which we have purchased and rescued several historic buildings across New England in order to completely renovate them into luxury guest stays. Each of our expressive homes is geared around various graceful and artistic endeavors such as painting, literature, and music. A value we hold dear to our core company ethos is to preserve and restore history for our younger generations of free thinkers. Our rentals are designed with the intention of building spaces where people love to gather around the intimacy of great conversations and intellectual endeavors. We would be delighted to have you stay and add another layer to the story of these everlasting homes.

We are also working on officiating our New England chapter by opening a new office space and a Sirens Roost retail store in Portland Maine's West End district where you can shop the same lines and brands that inspire our luxury stays and professional design projects.

We look forward to keeping the thoughtful dialog going with you here on our new website and on our Instagram pages.

Instagram: @denieceduscheone & @sirensroost 

The first cottage will be ready soon... Stay tuned to learn more about booking a one-of-a-kind stay with Sirens Roost.

Hallowell, Maine